Thursday, February 18, 2010


Me at 3 years old driving the old Farmall tractor.
We later traded it in for an International.

Here's the things I learned today:

If I could drive a tractor at the age of three, I can do that and more today. (Margaret Anderson Kelliher has nothing on me.)

More people watch the 6:00 p.m. news on KSTP, channel 5, than I thought. All day today people came up to me and said, "Hey! I saw you on the news last night!" Celebrity for a day. I even got an email from Harry, a guy I used to work with quite a few years ago at MinnesotaCare.

Mark Dayton and his lead staffers are very clever. Nothing slips by them.

Governor Pawlenty is going to veto the GAMC bill. He would veto his own mother if he thought he could get away with it. What an uncaring, unfeeling, unintelligent, ruthless governor. If the legislators passed the bill in both the House and the Senate, the least the governor could do is sign it.

My pants are getting very loose.

My cat still thinks she's a dog.

Paul Thissen writes excellent letters.

I need to spend time with GYM at least every other day.

The downtown St. Paul post office is going to be relocated to Eagan. (They'll need a big truck to move that building with.)

Some political issues are too controversial to talk about on Facebook.

I still can't sing.

Rob Hahn is a pretty good writer. (Not as good as me, though...)

Chronic pain can cause depression, but Bayer works wonders. So does Diet Coke.

A cat's purr is on a vibrational level that can promote healing.

Most of the people I work with are Democrats.

My future blog posts will include The Politics of Death, CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine), Preparedness Training for Morticians, Big Daddy Squeeze, and Being Ruthless and Relentless in Politics.

It might be harder than I thought to bring back Butter Brickle Ice Cream.

Saturday at my SD53 Convention, I will caucus for reNEW MN.

Unfortunately, since I decided to attend the SD53 Convention, I'll have to miss TELI (Toastmasters Education and Leadership Institute). It's very naughty of me not to attend, and I particularly wanted to hear Craig Valentine give the keynote address, but making sure the DFL has the leadership it needs to face the upcoming election is too important to not go to the convention.

Tall Tales can be exceedingly funny. Golden Rule Toastmasters held their club contest today. We had four contestants for the Tall Tales contest and one for the International speech contest. Bob Boyce from Dept of Commerce took first place in Tall Tales. Greg Doyle, also from Commerce, took second. They both told excellent tales. Bob will advance to the Area 16 contest at Freeman Building on March 2 at 11:30. Dan Vesey, MDH, will represent Golden Rule Toastmasters in the International contest. All are welcome. It's going to be a wonderful, fun contest.

I can convince people to vote for a particular candidate through the use of persuasive speaking techniques.

A sharp spike in viral load causes feverish symptoms.

Brian Klaas enjoys the status of being Brian I.

Okay, that's quite enough new things to learn in one day.

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