Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Rob Hahn is running for governor on the Independent Party ticket. Since he's not DFL, I haven't paid much attention. He's doing things to make himself noticeable, though. And it's not all good for his campaign. Apparently he didn't read my previous blog on how to win an election.

Hahn is an author. So far he has written one book. The title is The Funeral Home Murders. It's a murder mystery loosely based on the true crime murders that took place at a funeral home in Hudson, Wisconsin several years ago. I checked out the book from the library and so far have read several chapters. It's not bad for a first novel. I'd say it's as good as William Kent Krueger's first novel.

Candidate Hahn is currently working on a new novel. It is due out March 2010. The working title is Robbob for Governor. I asked him if this is also a murder mystery. He told me that it's a mystery, but not one of murder. The name Robbob sounds very backwoods southernish, don't you think? It's like John-Boy or Jimmy-Bob.

Go to Rob Hahn's website and listen to his theme song. What is he thinking?

Rob Hahn is the founder and president of Hahn Publications, which publishes two newspapers: The Midwest Wine Connection and Minnesota Prep Sports. Hahn previously worked as a producer at WCCO-AM. He was there from 1991 - 1996. He's a 1991 graduate of the Universit of Notre Dame.

Today Rob tweeted on Twitter. Here's what it said:

RobHahnForGov  Liking the Lindsey Vonn SI photos, even though I'm not a big SI Swimsuit issue guy. Think she would consider running with me as Lt. Gov?

Oh oh. Rob definitely has not read my blog on how to win an election. This tweet is going to come back to haunt him. He wants a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Babe to be his Lt. Governor?

Another faux paux Hahn made was when he answered a particular question at the Major Parties debate in Bloomington and told the audience that he sweats a lot.

Now don't get me wrong; I like Rob as a person. He's friendly and easy going. Good looking, too. It's his judgement that concerns me. He needs to learn to think before he speaks or tweets. From what I'm seeing so far, he has no chance of being our next governor.  Absolutely none. However, if his main goal is to promote his books, then he's doing a good job. I expect his book sales will now increase tremendously.

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