Friday, February 26, 2010

Mark Dayton, Tim Pawlenty and Me

As most of you who read this blog know, I was an ardent and very enthusiastic Dayton supporter. I did an incredible amount for his campaign on my own time. I put in many hours per day glorifiying his campaign everywhere, both in the physical world and online. Lots of people have asked me what happened.

As many of the DFL gubernatorial candidates have told us, the Governor sets the tone at the Capitol. Do you know that candidates also set the tone? They set it at the forums and debates, they set it on their Facebook pages and on their webpages, and they set it by example for their staff and supporters. What tone has Mark Dayton set?

Generally, it's pretty good. However, part of his tone is to fling mud at Governor Pawlenty. We can't really blame him. Look at all the mud the Republicans keep flinging on Dayton. They must really be scared that he's going to win the election. 

Governor Veto has done horrible things for Minnesota recently. T-Paw shows no compassion, mercy or humanity for Minnesota's poorest and most vulnerable citizens. Yet candidates need to be careful when setting a tone and revealing their attitudes.

For example, on his Facebook page and in the video shown below, Dayton is adamant about how he views our current governor. No one has to second guess his feelings. It becomes even more clear in the video below. Watch it then read my comments below.

This, as I've said before, is an excellent speech, full of passion and a call for action. He excites the crowd and motivates them. You can tell that AFSCME members agree fully with what Dayton has to say. When he starts in on Pawlenty, he is setting the tone.

I picked up on that tone and blogged something about Pawlenty. Luke Hellier, the Republican who is out to target Democrats, picked it up immediately and posted it on MDE (Minnesota Democrats Exposed). I was appalled, because of course Hellier misrepresented the intent of what I had said. Next thing I know, Dana Anderson from Dayton's campaign is sending Hellier an email, which he also posted. She stated that the Dayton campaign did not agree with what I had said. Well of course they didn't. They probably would have if this was the 1950's, because back then everyone would know that it was just a metaphor anyway. It was to be taken figuratively, not literally. In view of Dayton's opinion of Pawlenty, you'd think he'd have been just a tad more vocal to Hellier about his opinion of the Republican agenda. I guess it's no big secret, though. Still, he once said that he hoped I knew that I had his support. What happened to "I say what I mean and I mean what I say?"

Well, I guess they needed a scapegoat. Never mind all the times Dayton used the word "evil" in the same sentence as "Pawlenty." That's ok. I can be a scapegoat. Goats are better than sheep. If me being a scapegoat will help him win the election, I'll agree to it.

What I didn't like was the insults. Deleting my highly complimentary posts, and even pictures that Facebook directed to his website was perceived by me as vaguely insulting. After all the good things I did for him. You know, I looked for the missing posts three times. I looked for each missing post three times. And then I took action. I said I could no longer support him. Well, of course that was the old Aries temper flaring up. And of course it flares back down again almost as quickly. I got my feelings hurt, too. Really bad.

Several months ago I accepted his apology. He doesn't accept mine now, though.

One of his staffers emailed me to say they gave me more attention than anyone else in Minnesota. Wow, that's a lot of people. More than anyone? Really? (grin)

I did more for his campaign than anyone else in Minnesota (not financially, but with time and enthusiasm). So tit for tat. The staffer told me it was clear that the attention they gave me was never enough. I couldn't get enough of him? ROFLMAO! Too funny.

"Tough titty," said the kitty, "cause the milk tastes bad!"

So here I am, sometimes grinning at the absurdity of everything, and thus still blogging good stuff, and then down into the depths of despair and tempted to blog everything I know. That's when I appeal to my higher self.

You'd think the Dayton campaign would want me to keep doing what I was doing, which was spreading good PR everywhere.

The thing is, I know people. I know a lot of people all across Minnesota. I relate to average Minnesotans and they relate to me. Why? I'll post my autobiography on this blog next and you'll see why.

Tomorrow, if my son Charles doesn't have to work, we're both going to the SD Convention at Brooklyn Center High School. Charles lives in that district. Therefore he's very interested in what's going on. He'd like to talk to the candidates.

Maybe I'll see some of you there.


  1. It's not the attention they give you, it's the attention you give Dayton. Amazing that they don't get it, and manage it.

  2. Thanks, Holly. Glad to see someone gets it.


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