Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Senate District 53, Wards 1 - 5 + North Oaks

Gotta love those Canadian Mounties. The Pink Panther, Too.

Last night I attended a get together of the chairs and associate chairs of SD53, Wards one through five, plus North Oaks. The SD53 officers decided that the areas in the district should get together within their areas to get to know each other and to plan campaign strategies and activities. This was a great group of people. I'm glad to be a part of it.

Our District 53 candidates, Sandy Rummel and Chris Knopf, were in attendance, as well as their campaign managers. I met new people as well as those I already knew, such as Mark Schwartz, Dick Ottman and Mike Spellman. Mike is the new SD53 chair and is the one who led the meeting. He's an excellent speaker and makes great use of gestures, vocal variety and pauses. It was a joy to listen to him.

Emily Waymire was one of the new people I met. She is very dedicated to the DFL party. It was a pleasure to meet her.

Here are the topics from the agenda at last night's meeting:
1) An opportunity for us to meet our precinct chair and associate chair colleagues.
2) Solicit feedback on improving caucus participation and campaign grassroots execution.
3) Introduce any participating candidates, elected officials or SD officers.
4) Review of Precinct Officer Duties handout.
5) Distribution of precinct maps, list of caucus attendees and delegates, door knock route sheets.
6) Lawn sign distribution and recollection procedures.
7) Our community outreach and image.
8) Ideas on building our campaign volunteer base or improving party activities.
9) SD 53 Calendar of meetings, parades, and other party events.
10) Describe Role of Precinct Group Chair. Elect Group Chair.
11) Discuss most effective ways to stay in contact and be most effective as a team.
12) Discuss sharing contact email and phone information.
13) Social time.

J. P. Barone is the CD4 chair as well as a chair for one of the SD53 wards. He was not in attendance last night. However, I did run into him in the skyway in St. Paul a couple of days ago and had the opportunity to speak with him for several minutes. I commended him on his great oratory skills. What a nice man, too! CD4 is in good hands with him at the helm.

Next Tuesday evening SD53 will be meeting at Lino Lakes City Hall. I look forward to it.

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