Sunday, February 21, 2010


Wow. This is really impressive. I haven't heard Mark Dayton this passionate in his speaking before. This is more Wellstone than Wellstone was. This is exciting stuff. This is the kind of speaking that can inspire not only an audience, but all the voters of Minnesota. Kudos to Brian Klaas for putting that brief together. Kudos to me for pointing out what was needed. Way to go Mark! Let's hear more like this. Keep up the excellent speaking. Did Craig Valentine have anything to do with this?

Watch, listen and learn as Mark Dayton gives a speech the way it should be given. We hear motivation, inspiration and a call for action like we have not heard from any candidate in a long, long time. Look at the way he engages the audience. They are totally captivated and enthused.

Mark, sorry I wasn't there that day. I'm so glad it's on YouTube. I'm so proud of you for giving a speech like this.

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