Thursday, February 4, 2010

Caucus: SD53, Ward 5

Me:  Back Row on Left

Not only did I attend my precinct caucus in White Bear Lake last night, but I was the convener as well. I haven't been very involved in politics at all since the late 1960's. I've been raising four kids, pretty much singlehandedly, for forty years. Now they're all grown and out of my home. My empty nest syndrome made me look for something to occupy my time. Sure, I keep very busy with a full time job, fighting HCV and being active in Toastmasters. I also belong to DAR, Mayflower Society and Red Hat Society. This year I'm the Eastern Division Governor in District 6 Toastmasters and hold a club officer position in Golden Rule Toastmasters Club. I also just joined Lifetime Fitness. Still, I figured that I have time to do just a wee bit more. Thus it was that I started involving myself in this year's election.

I really had no idea what I was doing as a convener. It's a good thing I was given all the paperwork by the SD53 chair as well as a short training session. My nine years of Toastmasters experience also helped, especially since it turned out that I was also the precinct caucus chair as well as the convener. I tried to get someone else to do it but they all said no, although some had experience at it. Every one of the 15 people who showed up for my precinct voted aye for me to be the chair. They said it loud and forcefully. There were no nays. Thus it fell upon me to be the chair and conduct the meeting.

We voted in 8 delegates, including myself. Yes, folks, I volunteered again. People tell me that I need to learn to say no. I'm spreading myself rather thin. I need to take time for rest and relaxation.

There were three resolutions that passed. Two were on environmental issues and the other was regarding the Supreme Court decision on making corporations into individuals.

Next I asked for volunteers to chair and co-chair the precinct for the next two years. No one said a word. So guess what? I'm now the precinct chair. Finally a gentleman agreed to be a co-chair. No one agreed to be on any of the committees. So guess what? Yup, I'm now a committee member as well. What have I done?

On the other hand, it's great meeting new people and getting to know some better. My old school chum Tom Snell was there. I didn't realize he lived in my district.

It was nice seeing Chris Knopf again. He's running for Representative in Senate District 53B. Hopefully he'll be able to beat Carol McFarlane. I graduated from White Bear High School with her. She's very nice, as everyone says, but she's Republican and always votes with Pawlenty. She's got to go. Chris Knopf is a fantastic guy and will do a great job.

David Schultz sent a cohort to speak for him. I thought she was too pushy and didn't have much of a personality.

As I was on my way out the door, who do you think I ran into? None other than Matt Entenza! I said, "Hi, Matt," and he came right up and shook my hand and asked me what I was doing there. I like him more all the time. He's friendly and has a nice voice. Maybe I should blog for him once in awhile. I really don't know very much about his goals as governor, even though I've been to most of the forums and debates.

Sandy Rummel was there and came right over to give me a big hug. No wonder I come to these events. Lots of people I meet there make me feel good. When you're fighting a chronic illness that is slowly destroying a major organ, it's good to feel good.

There were quite a few uncommitted votes on the ballot. I strongly suspect that most of those votes will be going to Mark Dayton in the primary.

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