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Here's the post from MDE and Luke Hellier and even Dana Anderson from the Dayton Campaign. My comments/apologies are at the end.


By Luke Hellier
February 22, 2010

UPDATE: Following the post about Colleen Morse I received the following message from Mark Dayton’s campaign:

Dear Luke,

The Mark Dayton for a Better Minnesota Campaign dissociates itself from, and strongly disapproves of, the comment Ms. Colleen Downey Morse printed on her personal blog that “[Governor Pawlenty's mother] should have taken him out and drowned him when he was a baby” which you accurately reported.

Please be advised, however, that Ms. Morse, whom you identified as “an ardent supporter of Mark Dayton for Governor” has subsequently withdrawn her support of Mark’s candidacy, after he deleted comments from her facebook wall that he considered inappropriate.

I would appreciate it, if you would inform your readers of these facts.


Dana Anderson
Campaign Manager
Mark Dayton for a Better Minnesota

Editor’s note: I appreciate the swift action by the Dayton campaign to respond to such outlandish claims from Ms. Morse.

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Colleen Morse, an ardent supporter of Mark Dayton for Governor, who blogs under the pen name April Knight wrote this on her blog yesterday:

“[Pawlenty's mother] should have taken him out and drowned him when he was a baby…”

I’m actually at a loss for words. Besides the fact that Governor Pawlenty’s mother passed away when he was 16 and I understand people can be passionate about politics, but this is outrageous.

MsTigerHawk Says:
February 22nd, 2010 at 5:51 pm

To set the record straight, no, I do not wish that Pawlenty was dead. I just wish he were not our governor. I apologize for the drowned baby remark. That was a metaphor that was around frequently when I was a kid. It simply means that you are not happy with a particular person. My ex-mother in law said that about her son because he was on alcohol and drugs and went AWOL from the service. His parents were quite unhappy and so that’s what they said. Again, I apologize. I don’t wish that anyone was dead. Except me, maybe, because I get such god-awful headaches and the pain makes me act in ways I later regret. Sorry. Also, I’m fighting hepatitis C, which has turned my liver to cirrhosis, so that is causing all kinds of problems. So I apologize to you and to Pawlenty and to Mark Dayton and his staff, and to everybody else who I have offended in any way.

MsTigerHawk Says:
February 22nd, 2010 at 5:58 pm

Oh, and let me correct Dana Anderson. Dayton deleted the comment from his wall, not from my wall. You can’t delete a comment from someone else’s wall unless it’s your own comments. I don’t know why he deleted it, since my comment was highly complimentary of him. I posted a link to my website with a video of his recent speech to AFSCME. I commended him for the great job he did on the speech. I was very proud of him. Here’s the link.

To be fair, please post my apology at the top of this blog like you did for Dana’s post. Then we can all be happy and be friends and all live happily ever after. I don’t see any reason why Democrats and Republicans can’t get along.

MY COMMENT NOW, NOT POSTED AT MDE:  This is confusing, as Dayton so vehemently calls Pawlenty evil, and some of his FB friends disagree. So what is good and evil, anyway?

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