Wednesday, June 24, 2009


June 24, 2009

This Toastmasters year ends June 30 and the new one begins July 1. This year I was Area 16 Governor in District 6's Eastern Division. On July 1 I'll begin my new duties as Eastern Division Governor.

I love Toastmasters. This is a world-wide organization that builds communication and leadership skills and improves self-confidence. There are Toastmasters clubs all over the world. There is sure to be one near you.

I highly recommend joining. Toastmasters. It's fun and educational. The cost to join is very reasonable. It's currently only $27 every six months. There is also a one time fee of $20 for new members. This covers administrative costs to get you set up in the system. You also get a new member packet that includes two manuals. Your membership fee also covers your subscription to Toastmasters magazine.

Colleen Morse, DTM
Eastern Division Governor Elect
District 6
Toastmasters International

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

April's Blog

June 16, 2009

The month of April is long gone for another year, but April Knight is still writing romance and mystery novels.

Have you read my first novel yet? It's called The Gentleman in the Lake. You can order it at or online at Barnes and Noble or Alibris Books.

The heroine is Vanessa Radcliff. The hero is Richard Seymour. For those who love animals, Vanessa has a Siamese cat, a German shepherd and a chihuahua.

This novel is a lighthearted romance, but it also has a mystery. Who stole the manuscript that sheds light on the killer of the Princes in the Tower? As you probably know, these two boys were the nephews of Richard III.

My second novel is called Patient Desire. The heroine is Lorraine Gates. She's a new veterinarian in a small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The hero is Logan Pierce, who is a bestselling novelist of horror novels. He has a pet pig named Desire. I've tried to make this novel very humorous.

Other novels in the works can be found on my website:

I hope you enjoy my books. I'd love to hear what you think of them.

April Knight