Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is me in Michigan's UP sometime during the
early 1980's. I took the three kids I had at the time
on the circle drive around Lake Superior.

On my way out of my apartment complex today I stopped in the office to say hello to Evelyn. She works there parttime. She and a couple of other ladies said that they should run this state. They'd have everything whipped into shape in no time.

The office is connected to the community room. An elderly gentleman is always sitting at a table putting jigsaw puzzles together. When he saw me he came over and commented on the caucus. He asked if I saw in the paper where only one person showed up at one of the precinct caucuses. "No, I didn't," I replied.

Then he said, "And where was your Dayton? He didn't show up at any of them. I hear his name wasn't even on the ballot."

My Dayton? I let that one slide by. After all, this man is very elderly.

"He's not interested in the endorsement," I told him. "He's going straight to the Primary."

"Yeah, he can do that. He's a rich feller. They can do what they want."

"Why don't you talk about it with him when I have my Meet and Greet here?" I answered sweetly.

"Good idea," he muttered as he sat back down to continue working the puzzle.

I went down to the underground parking, got in my car and stepped on the gas. I was going to see Gym again today. Better hurry so I can get back before the snowstorm.

Today I ran ten laps around the indoor running track. Then the stationary bike for half an hour. After that the stair climber. By now I was working up a good sweat. Where's that Frest Start that Susan Gaertner has? Oh yeah, Rob Hahn has it. Hey Rob, pass it over this way, will you?

Soon it was time for the treadmill, which I like because you can hook up your headphones and watch tv. I saw a media person interviewing President Obama. He was talking about Health Care Reform.  He said that his job is to try to get the Republicans and the Democrats to agree on something. Sounds just like us here in Minnesota, except Pawlenty doesn't act like a mediator. He acts like a dictator.

Twenty laps in the pool and then I treated myself to a relaxing soak in the jacuzzi. There were about ten other people in it. Soon I was holding court with a discourse about why we should vote in a DFL governor. The jacuzzi was almost evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans with one IP person who said he would vote for Rob Hahn. All of the Republicans were agreed on Seifert, while the Democrats were divided between Rybak and Dayton. I knew it would come down to those two.

I Twittered a lot this morning. I gave Luke H. from MDE a hard time. The nerve of some people. He's not as bad as Michael almost. He wrote a blog on MDE that made me post a comment defending my candidate. Who never bothers to return emails anymore.

Say, this creamy butternut squash soup I'm eating with shredded cheese in it is really good.  It's organic, too.

Here it is Sunday night already. It's going to be a long week. Then another three-day weekend. Presidents' Day. Thanks, George and Abe.

What's on the agenda for this week? Tuesday is Cultivated Toastmasters Open House. Noon at the Freeman Building. All are welcome, as always. Also at noon is the Capital Toastmasters Club Speech Contest at MNDOT. Tuesday night I'll be at Positively Outspoken Toastmasters. I'm their new club coach. Wednesday at noon is Lafayette Park Toastmasters at Pollution Control Agency.  Also, at the same time River Park Toastmasters will be having their club contest at the Department of Revenue building. On Thursday, Free Speech Toastmasters club is having their club contest at noon at the DHS mother ship on Lafayette. After work on Thursday I get to meet my personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness. His name is Tyler.

Then on Saturday, February 13, SD53 is having its screenings by the nomination committee from 10:00 to noon at the White Bear Lake library. Looks like I'll have to fill up my gas tank again before the week is over.

Sometime this week I'll need to talk to Rybak and Thissen and maybe Marty and Rukavina. It's going to be crazy from now through November. I wonder what everyone will do for excitement after that?

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