Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DFL Gubernatorial Candidates: The Playout

Here's how I see the governor's race playing out. Dayton and Entenza will go to Primary. Dayton wants nothing to do with the endorsement process while Entenza is trying for it. Susan Gaertner says she's going to the Primary, as well, even without the endorsement. There's a no-brainer, since she knows she won't get the endorsement. Why is she going to the Primary? Does she have a hidden stash of cash that we don't know about? She's not going to be our next governor regardless. Maybe she's looking for a Commissioner position.

So the frontrunners, Dayton and Entenza, will line up at the Primary with either Rybak, MAK, Thissen or Marty. My bet is on Rybak, although Thissen is coming up fast. Many don't know him yet, but when they do, they like him. My son met him for the first time at the reNEW MN meeting last Sunday and was very impressed. He liked Dayton, too.

There's another scenario in which Rybak, MAK and Thissen all go to the Primary because they are reNEW MN's endorsed candidates.

MAK has a lot of endorsements. Rybak has a great deal of popularity. He's likeable and an excellent communicator. Thissen is fresh off the printing press, but what a gold-lined press it is.

Dayton, on the other hand, has 35 years of public service experience. His name recognition is almost 100%. Minnesotans tend to think of the Dayton name with nostalgia and fondness. And those who know him personally can't say enough good things about his character. It's sterling.

Entenza is unknown to many Minnesotans. As the summer rolls along and he campaigns with print and electronic media, that will no doubt change. I hope his campaign produces decent ads without mudslinging. Minnesotans are so tired of candidates saying so many nasty things about each other. That's why Jesse Ventura got elected. People were sick of Coleman and Humphry going at each other's throats. I really hope that Entenza and Dayton won't do that to each other. Play nice. Or else.

It's going to be a long summer. More forums. More debates. More events.

I wonder if any of the candidates would be in need of a public speaking consultant. I've been blogging my comments regarding their communication/presentation techniques for free. Silly me.

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