Thursday, April 1, 2010


I love Lifetime Fitness. Every two or three days I go there to get fit. As most of my gentle readers know, I start with running a mile or two around the track, then the stationary bike, then the weight machines. My muscles are all firming up.

After that I hit the lap pool for an hour. Then I reward myself with the oh so soothing and relaxing jacuzzi. All this for only $80/month. Not bad when you consider the rewards.

There's always someone to talk to in the jacuzzi. Today it was a young man originally from India. He was quite political. He had campaigned for Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. Now he's getting involved in local/state politics. We had a good discussion about the gubernatorial race.

Smira said he really likes Rybak for governor and he also likes Thissen. See, we had something in common right away. He volunteered that he likes Dayton but is voting for Rybak or maybe Thissen. He asked me what I thought of Dayton. I thought it best not to go there. It's still pretty raw. For Secretary of State, he is in awe of Mark Ritchie. Aren't we all? We both agreed that Ritchie did a fantastic job on the whole senator recount issue. For State Auditor, he's a big Rebecca Otto fan. Me too.

He did mention that he didn't like the way a particular legislator treats people from India. I thought that was odd, as the legislator he was discussing is of Indian (from India) descent as well. He thought it was the caste issue. I was surprised.

Smira is now a new friend in person as well as a new Facebook friend. Am I having fun again yet? Not yet, but maybe soon.


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