Wednesday, April 14, 2010


R. T. Rybak

I haven't done a blog about R. T. for awhile. It's overdue. I'm trying to cover all the candidates before the endorsement. Rybak has always been one of my top favorites for the governorship of Minnesota.

First, Rybak can win. Almost all Minnesotans know who R. T. is now. And almost everyone likes him.  

What's not to like? R. T. has personality, charisma, enthusiasm, motivation, high energy, the ability to work hard and get things done, executive experience, and likeability. In short, he can win. He can get elected as the next governor of Minnesota. As the current mayor of Minneapolis, he's got what it takes to move on up to the governoship.

R. T. Rybak, as mayor of Minneapolis, has created thousands of jobs. He was instrumental in starting the Minneapolis Promise, which links up kids with jobs and opportunity. Mayor Rybak has lowered crime in Minneapolis. He balanced the budget and made investments in the city's future. He can do the same with our entire state.

"Our history has shown that we build opportunity by investing in people and by investing in the common ground where innovation can thrive. Minnesota faces serious economic challenges, but in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, we have a unique capacity not just to recover, but to reinvigorate our economy." - R. T. Rybak

Rybak has a plan to bring Minnesota back to greatness. His focus is, and will be as governor, on growing jobs and economic competitiveness. Our state needs to create jobs by investing in education and training. We also need to improve and expand our infrastructure - roads, bridges, transit and technology - from transportation to high-speed internet access everywhere in Minnesota. 

To be successful, Minnesota must bring business leaders, labor, civic organizations and the public sector together. R. T. Rybak has a background in buisness. He will be able to create jobs all across Minnesota in health care, medical technology, natural resources, and marketing and retailing. To be successful, and to compete in a global economy, Minnesota must be a leader in business. R. T. Rybak can get us there.

Rybak's governorship will be good not only for Minnesota's cities, but also for the rural areas. He believes in the high value of clean and renewable energy. He knows we have to stop relying on oil from other countries. He also knows the high value of family farms.

For more information on R. T. Rybak and his plan to bring Minnesota back to the top, click here. 


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