Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Matt Entenza

Isn't this a great picture of Matt Entenza? I stole it off his website. I hope he doesn't mind. Naah, he won't.

I just love the Entenza campaign. Those staffers treat me like gold. They tell me that's how supporters ought to be treated. I had forgotten. They reminded me. It's a win-win situation.

Matt is a pretty cool guy too. He's not in the campaign office as much as his staffers are, and I'm not there every day by any means. Still, the way they treat me makes me want to keep coming back.

Not only that, but it's a great campaign and Matt is a great candidate. Sure, it took me awhile to warm up to them, but once I actually went to the campaign office to volunteer, I was hooked. People tend to go where they know they'll be well received. People tend to go where they're liked. And people tend to go where they're needed. At Entenza's campaign headquarters, I get all three. I'm liked, I'm well received and I'm needed. Woo hoo!!!

Plus, Matt's got excellent ideas for Minnesota. Probably the best I've heard in many ways. I can now visualize a Minnesota that's a new Silicon Valley of Energy. Wind energy, solar energy and whatever other kinds of energy are floating about. It's all clean, too. Clean energy, that is. As opposed to, for example, energy from burning coal. (I'm no physicist; can you tell?)

The Entenza campaign is full of energy too. Energized people for energized products. It makes sense, doesn't it? My new Entenza campaign friends have so much energy that I feel better and healthier just being around them. Come on down and see for yourselves.

I have fun everytime I step foot in Entenza's campaign offices. Take today, for example. I was trying to download and then upload a couple of pictures that my youngest son Marcus sent me. I was having a bit of trouble because it was in a zip file. Finally I was able to send them to someone as an attachment to an email. I wasn't sure who I should send them to. I knew I was going to the Entenza offices soon. So I sent them to Jason Hitchcock. Guess what they were pictures of? My grandfetus! Yup, two ultrasound pictures of my grandson. (At least they think it's a boy because of the heartbeat.)

Imagine Jason's surprise when he got these pictures in his email! When I got there I had to explain what they were. Then all the girls (Bridgette, Gretchen, etc.) crowded around and ooohed and ahhed over my grandbaby's picture. It was so sweet!

(Hey, look at all the cool stuff the Dayton people are missing out on! Their loss; the Entenza people's gain! Just like the election will be!!!)

Wanna see the ultrasound pictures? Ok, here they are.

Those are two separate pictures of my grandson, Alexander William Champlin. My son is Marcus Alexander Champlin. Here's a couple of pictures of him.

                         Marcus Alexander Champlin

                                 Baby Marcus

                                  Marcus on Amtrak

                          Marcus in Shoreview, Minnesota

                 An Older Marcus in Shoreview, MN

Marcus Champlin and his dad Mark Champlin in Southern Missouri

Marcus with his cousin's baby

Oh hey, I forgot, this blog is supposed to be about Matt Entenza and his campaign. Sorry about that. This son of mine, though, is just as cute as a bug's ear. Right? So you'll forgive me for digressing. There's a baby on the way, you know.

Ok, here's some more pictures of Matt. Remember, this blog is about him.

                             Matt Entenza

                  Matt Entenza, Gubernatorial Candidate

Matt Entenza is a candidate who many people are overlooking. That's all about to change. Matt is a candidate who represents the future, not the past. He's got great ideas. He's got an abundance of energy. To find out more, go to his website.

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