Friday, April 16, 2010


R. T. Rybak for Governor

Rybak Staff Preparing for the Rally

Team Rybak

The Rally Begins

Rybak Rally in Full Swing

Dwayne King

R. T. Rybak for Governor

R. T. Rybak with David Schultz

Howard Dean at R. T. Rybak Rally

Howard Dean

Howard Dean

Marc Drummond, TakeAction MN

I attended R. T. Rybak's rally tonight. I expected it to be very high energy. I was not disappointed. The energy increased even more when Howard Dean arrived. So much applause. So many cheers. This was a moment to remember.

First there was an introduction of R. T. Rybak. Then he spoke to the standing audience. He was enthusiastic, of course, as always. Motivating the crowd is one of his specialties. He excels at it. By the time he was done speaking I wanted to fully support him and his campaign. I wanted to run out and shout to the world, "R. T. for Governor! R. T. for Governor!"

R. T. then introduced Howard Dean. That was the first time I had ever heard him in person. He's wonderful! He told us exactly why we need R. T. to be our governor and why R. T. can win. I was definitely convinced. There's just something about R. T. Rybak that almost everybody loves. He's the only candidate with executive experience and it shows.

Howard Dean then spoke about some of the issues, the biggest of which is health care. He said that our new bill that we passed is a start but we're not done with it yet. He told exactly why it needed to be passed now.

We all agreed that Bachmann needs to go. Cheers and applause at this. I believe that she will be ousted this time. She's getting to be too much even for Republicans. She has lost any ounce of credibility that she may have once had.

Howard Dean coming to Rybak's Rally was a stroke of genius. It was just the motivating factor to create even more excitement in this campaign and hopefully to tip the scales toward R. T.


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