Friday, April 16, 2010


Drew Henry

Pinto Supporters

Birthday Party for Dave Pinto

Dave Pinto Birthday Party

Matt Bostrom (standing on left) at Dave Pinto's Birthday Party

Last night I attended a birthday party celebration for Dave Pinto. Lots of people were there, including some from the Ramsey County Attorney's Office, a few legislators and Matt Bostrom. Matt is running for Ramsey County Sheriff. I hope he wins. He's a great guy and will bring credibility and honor back to that department.

Dave Pinto celebrated his 38th birthday. His brothers and his mother were in attendance. It was nice to meet them. They're just as nice as he is. I also met his wife and his two little boys. What a lovely family! 

Drew Henry was also there. It's always good to see him. He's so cheerful and optimistic about everything. Drew is Dave Pinto's campaign coordinator. He's doing an excellent job.

For more information on Dave Pinto and his eight-point plan for success in the Ramsey County Attorney's Office, click here.


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