Thursday, April 8, 2010


Shelley Madore

Two other bloggers and myself met Shelley Madore for an interview. She is running for Congress in Congressional District 2.

This was the first time I met Ms. Madore. I was very impressed with her. I could tell right away that she's a very strong woman who is not afraid to say what she thinks. The issues are more important to her than political correctness. I made the assessment that Shelley Madore is just who CD2 needs to represent them in Washington.

Shelley is a suburban mom who wants to be the CD2 congresswoman so her community can do better. She wants to do the things that will make the lives of the families in her district better. She has a passion for making families stronger. She knows that we must generate more revenue to do this. She's all for a progressive tax system.

Shelley Madore has been a community volunteer for twenty years. She can do the work right away because of her experience. She doesn't need a training period. Shelley served as a Minnesota State Representative from 2007-2009. During this time, she was recognized for her work in health care, transportation and education. She is a long-time community activist and volunteer in the areas of urban affairs, transportation and disability advocacy. She  has lived in Apple Valley with her two children for nineteen years.

Ms. Madore is concerned about the stress that Minnesota families are feeling in today's economy. She knows that voters appreciate women of strength. That was the first thing I noticed about Shelley Madore. She has strength of character. She has the strength to go up against her opponents. She has the strength necesssary to get things done and to fight in Washington for her district. She understands who the people in her district are and what the district is all about.

A top priority for Madore is to bring jobs into CD2. She understands the importance of green jobs and a green economy in order for Minnesota to be successful in the future. She knows that the biggest complaint among the people of CD2 is there there is a lack of new jobs in the community. She has good ideas for fixing this. First and foremost, she is dedicated to creating a good transportation infrastructure.

Another issue she will focus on is county delivery of health care. She wants to make sure that all people in her district have access to health care and have their health care needs met.

Shelley Madore is a high energy woman. She is willing to work hard to accomplish that which will benefit the people of CD2. She is willing to go toe to toe against her opponent John Kline. She is a firm believer in government for the people and by the people. 

I do not live in CD2, but if I did, I would definitely vote for Shelley Madore. She is persistent, truthful, transparent, accountable, and dedicated to making life better for the citizens of CD2. I saw right away that Shelley Madore has the high energy of a dynamic candidate. She is a person who does not legislate away from her heart. Her heart is with the people of Minnesota, particularly those who reside in her district.

I highly recommend that CD2 both endorse and vote for Shelley Madore.


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