Friday, April 16, 2010


Rob Hahn, Independent Party

Susan Gaertner, DFL

Me with Thomas Horner (Independent Party)

Peter Idusogie (on left), DFL

RobBob for Governor (Independent Party)
(Rob Hahn is the author of The Funeral Home Murders)

Last night I had two events to attend. My plan was to start out at the tri-party gubernatorial forum at Hamline University and then go to Dave Pinto's birthday party in Roseville. This plan would have worked better had the gubernatorial forum started on time and had all the candidates who had committed to it actually shown up. Missing were Tom Rukavina, Paul Thissen and Mark Dayton. Matt Entenza and R. T. Rybak had not committed to it. There's lots going on in Minnesota's political world right now so there are lots of conflicts. I did feel bad for the students. They had expected all the candidates who had previously committed and were disappointed when this didn't happen. Out of all of our DFL candidates, only two had arrived at the forum before I left. They were Susan Gaertner and Peter Idusogie. I heard that John Marty was on his way.

Leslie Davis, Republican candidate, was there with copies of his book to sign. Although I've spoken to him at many of these events, he didn't remember who I was or remember ever having seen me before.

Peter Idusogie, on the other hand, clearly remembered me. His mind is razor sharp. He also has excellent communication skills. Minnesota would do very well with him as governor. Wouldn't that upset the proverbial applecart! I'd love it! Regardless of who actually wins, the other candidates ought to listen to Peter Idusogie, as he has some wonderful ideas.

Rob Hahn circulated around the room and took time to talk to lots of people. Rob is an author as well as a candidate for governor on the Independent ticket. He's a very good looking man and has some great ideas about what he would do as governor to make Minnesota better.

It was nice to see Susan Gaertner again. It's been quite awhile since I last saw her. I've missed her at many of these events. I always liked her personality. She's tough and has a streetwise way of talking.

It's always interesting to have a few words with Tom Horner. He's with the Independent Party. I'm waiting to see who the front runner will be in that party, Horner or Hahn.

If I wanted to arrive at Dave Pinto's birthday party at Grumpy's in Roseville, I had to leave. I was rather disappointed that this event started late and I didn't even get to hear the candidates' opening statements.

I'll do a separate blog post on the birthday party.


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