Friday, December 18, 2009


My Aunt Bernadine died. If she had lived two more weeks she would have been 94 years old. She was born Bernadine Edna Downey in St. Paul, Minnesota. She married Everett Johnson in Sand Lake, Wisconsin. They had one daugher, Diana Lynn Johnson. Aunt Bernadine helped my grandmother raise me. She was my mother's fraternal twin sister. Bernadine was like a mother to me. My cousin Diana was like the sister I never had. She was four years older than me, but when we were kids we were together all the time for family outings, picnics and lots of play time.

Aunt Bernadine was 4' 3 3/4" with red hair. She was very feisty and spunky. Here's some pictures:

Bernadine and Bernice Downey

  Bernice and Bernadine Downey

Downey Kids: Clifton, Francis, Dolores, Phyllis, Bernadine, Bernice

Left to right: Diana, Bernadine, Everett, Bernice, Bill, Colleen

Colleen's Birthday

Diana, Bernadine, Colleen

Grandma Downey, Tinkerbell, Colleen, Beaver, Bernadine, Bambi, Pixie

Colleen in 6th Grade

Bernice, Grandma Downey, Bernadine

Front Row: Grandma Downey, Bernadine, Bambi
Back Row: Colleen, Pixie, Diana

Diana, Bernadine, Grandma Downey, Colleen, Bernice

Colleen and Aunt Bernadine, Minnesota Winter

Three Sisters: Dolores, Bernadine, Bernice

Diana, Bernadine, Grandma at Bethesda Lutheran Infirmary

Bernadine in Portland Oregon Apartment

Bernadine and Diana

Aunt Bernadine Johnson with her Great-Nephew Jeff Radcliff

Aunt Bernadine & Handmade Teddy

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