Friday, December 18, 2009


There are some questions that only the candidates can answer. Let's hear their answers in the comments section below. Some of the questions pertain to some of the candidates but not all of them. Other questions apply to all. The candidates themselves should answer these questions and not have staff do it for them. If you think a particular question doesn't apply to you, explain why it doesn't. You can answer one question at a time, using one comment box for each answer, or you can answer them all at once. It will be noted which candidates don't respond.

1.  At many forums it has been noticed that you don't really answer the question that is asked. You skirt around it. Why don't you answer the question directly and honestly?

2.  Do you have an actual plan for balancing the budget? If so, what is your plan? If not, why not?

3.  Does every email, letter or phone call that comes to your office regarding issues get answered, at least with a form letter or email that states that it was received and when the voter might get a response? If not, why not?

4.  Do you hold back on honest answers at forums and debates because you know there are Republican cameras and bloggers in the back of the room? If this is a problem for you, explain why and what you would like to see done about it.

5.  Tell us in one sentence why you really want to be governor of Minnesota. What are your true motivations?

6.  What is your plan for fighting against racism and disparities in Minnesota?

7.  How much dirty campaigning do you plan to do?

8.  Sum up your own inner character in one sentence.

9.  What three things do you most want your supporters to know?

10. What is your precise plan for fighting against homelessness in Minnesota?

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