Monday, December 28, 2009


I just ran across a great article from City Pages. Due to copyright laws, I refrained from copying and pasting it to my blog. Just click here and read it for yourself. I highly recommend it. It's Senator Mark Dayton's exit interview with City Pages. This should go on his website so everyone can see it.

Read the comments below the article, too, especially the one from the woman name Claire who was working in Washington DC at the time. She writes, I'm a Minnesotan working in DC. Let me tell you that DC needs more Mark Daytons. Someone who speaks and acts his convictions, is honest with the public, who truly works on behalf of his constituency, who isn't all consumed by power grabs and headlines and who doesn't play games. DC is only a high profile brutal game having nothing to do with serving the American public. Mark could have done anything with his life and chose public service for service sake. I admire him immensely.

This is an excellent article. Kudos to City Pages and G. R. Anderson Jr.

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