Sunday, December 27, 2009


Let's look at pictures that show all the good things that Mark Dayton has done. This is the man who so many of us want as governor of Minnesota. These pictures say it all.

Mark taking time out of his busy schedule to ring the bell for the Salvation Army.

Mark is never too busy for kids!

Mark Dayton has always been an excellent father.

Mark Dayton has deep compassion for 9/11 victims.

Mark Dayton, hands on to help Habitat for Humanity.

Mark Dayton shows support for U. S. soldiers in Iraq.

Mark Dayton loves spending time with his sons and his dogs.

Mark Dayton loves children.

Mark Dayton demonstates the cougar for school kids.

Mark Dayton cares about sick children.

Mark Dayton helps with sandbagging during the flooding of the Red River.

Mark Dayton loves animals.

Mark Dayton cares about seniors.

Mark Dayton reads to children.

Mark Dayton cares about his siblings and father.

Mark Dayton has many, many supporters.

Mark Dayton is interested in science and technology.


  1. I think you will make a GREAT Govenor! I have great respect for your courage and I think you are truley sincere about helping Minnesotans.

  2. If he cares so much about children, why would he vote "No" on legislation banning partial birth abortion - a practice that literally tortures/dismembers a human fetus???

  3. The reasons for his votes on abortion, and his stand on abortion, can be found here:

    Many times a Senator or Representative will vote yes or no on something because of the wording of the bill.


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