Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ten DFL Gubernatorial Candidates at reNEW Minnesota Forum

The DFL gubernatorial candidates all have the same basic platform. After all, they are all DFL. So how are DFL voters going to decide which one to vote for? The endorsements are all over the place. I'll bet the delegates who will attend the DFL convention in Duluth in April will be all over the place too. It's time for each candidate to try to break away from the pack and tell the voters why we should vote for you. What makes you different from the others? All I've heard so far is a bunch of doubletalk and general ideas of what you're going to do once you're governor. Voters are smart enough to understand whatever you tell us as long as it's the truth. What is different about you and your ideas? Or doesn't it matter which of you becomes governor? Maybe it'll all be the same no matter which DFL candidate we choose.

Do you have a precise plan with a time schedule for getting Minnesota back on track? If so, what is it? For example, you could say unemployment in Minnesota will drop to such and such percentage by such and such date. Every book you read on success and every course you take on success tells the importance of having specific goals. What are your specific goals? What is your time frame for meeting each specific goal? A goal is something to strive for. If it's too general, nothing will get accomplished. This election is the future of each Minnesotan. Tell us what your plans are and why we should vote for you. I'll tell you this: if you don't have a specific plan, you'll never make it to the Governor's Mansion.

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