Sunday, December 20, 2009


We all know that the Republicans will start having a field day as they uncover things about our beloved DFL candidates. The best thing is for the candidates to be open and honest with us about these issues. That way it will all be out in the sun and the GOP will have nothing left.

So here goes. Would each candidate please reply in the comments box below? It will be much appreciated by all the voters.

Tom Bakk - Why do you always sound so angry? Is that just your manner, or do you really have something to be angry about?

Mark Dayton - What was the real story behind all that Diet Coke? You didn't drink all those cans yourself, did you? And most importantly, are there a few cans left that you could share?

Matt Entenza - So what's the best way to go about investigating someone?

Susan Gaertner - Why did you prosecute the RNC protestors? Weren't they protesting legitimately? Did you protest the Viet Nam War?

Steve Kelley - Why do you always talk so loudly at forums and debates?

Margaret Anderson Kelliher - What was the name of your favorite cow?

John Marty - What is your favorite food? Is it healthy?

Tom Rukavina - There's no pictures of you kissing babies, I've been told, but where are all those pictures of you kissing women?

R.T. Rybak - How come you don't want us to call you Raymond? After all, everybody loves Raymond.

Paul Thissen - When you were denied the award at Holy Angels because you voted in favor of reproductive rights, did it make you want to stop being Catholic?

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  1. Those are some tough-as-nails questions, April. I'd like to see RT dodge that one! And Paul Thissen, are you gonna answer? Or are you afraid of excommunication if you answer?
    Now how about another tuffy for this candidate:
    John Marty, when your party calls it reform when it creates more abortion restrictions, gives huge money to private insurers, and with a straight face says that we can't have a public option because it would put an unfair burden on private insurers!, are you thinking of pulling a Nadar and running Independant?


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