Saturday, December 26, 2009


My Three Sons and Two Daughters-in-Law
Five Voters Plus Me = Six Voters

I spent the day today with my family. We had our Christmas at the home of my son Charles and his wife Becky. They made the dinner. We had honey-baked ham with all the trimmings. My son Justin and his wife Ruth were also there. They are home from Germany for the holidays. Although they live there much of the year, they are still Minnesota residents. Ruth is a civilian employee with the U. S. military. She's a speech pathologist for the military school. The one putting the biscuit in his mouth in the above picture is my son Marcus. He's still a Minnesota resident, as well, although he's currently working and living, at least temporarily, in Connecticut.

After the delicious dinner, we opened presents. I gave my son Charles a remote control helicopter that flies around the house. He was chasing his wife and dog with it. I got it at Brookstone at the Mall of America. He really likes it.

I got to channel surf briefly because Charles and Becky wouldn't let me help cook. Everything was almost finished anyway. I don't currently have a televison at home, so I watched the last part of Dirty Dancing and the middle part of Legends of the Fall. The latter is one of my favorite movies. No one else in my family likes it because nothing good ever happens in it. Charles said that every time you think something good is going to happen, someone else dies. That's life. I don't miss having a tv at home because I get everything I need on the internet. News, weather, comedy, movies...

After that we played two games: Pictionary and Trivia Pursuit. I prefer Pictionary, although none of us can draw very well. It's usually hilarious when we play it.

When we get together, we always have good conversation about various topics such as politics, philosophy, or whatever else comes up. Sometimes it gets pretty deep. At least none of us are Republicans. So I must have done a good job raising my sons...

Now it's back home to my whiny cat.

        Meet George. He's belongs to Charles and Becky.

             Colleen and middle son Charles

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