Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here's the second in a series of ten reasons to vote for each candidate. This one is ten reasons to vote for R. T. Rybak.

R. T. Rybak

1.  R. T. Rybak has executive experience. He's mayor of the city of Minneapolis. He just started his third term.
2.  He has more than twice the number of Facebook fans than any other candidate. He's very popular and therefore very electable.
3.  Whenever tragedy strikes in Minneapolis he is right there to lend a hand and his support. Examples are the I35W bridge collapse and the slaying of three men at the Seward Market. It's obvious he cares about the citizens of Minneapolis. 
4.  Mayor Rybak is also there when good things happen, such as the opening of the North Star Line and the breaking of ground for the homeless youth center. In other words, he's always there for people in good times and bad.
5.  Rybak was successful in balancing the budget of Minneapolis.
6.  Mayor Rybak was instrumental in revitalizing parts of Minneapolis, especially in North Minneapolis with the Great Streets Program.
7.  He wants to put the people of Minnesota and jobs first. On his website he says, "In good times and in bad, the single best investment we can make is in the people of Minnesota. The heart of our strategy for economic recovery begins with people, because if we have a talented, well-trained workforce, innovation flourishes and jobs will grow. Our next generation is our most valuable yet. We cannot fail to give them the education and training they need to succeed."
8.   He wants quality, affordable health care for everyone. 
9.   He has a proven track record of getting things done and having a plan to accomplish the things that are important to Minnesotans. 
10. R. T. Rybak has a great personality and knows how to get along with others and make them feel welcome.



Vote R. T. Rybak for Success and Motivation!

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  1. I think he is such a knowledgable and personable person! I enjoy his candor and his motivation. I can't even explain how much of an impact he has made on Minneapolis, the Twin Cities, Minnesota and ME! It really makes me realize that it takes just one noble person to improve the hope and prosperity of a city.


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