Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today I attended the DFL Progressive Caucus. I'm not a member. I came as a guest, as a prospective member, and to listen and learn.

The endorsement committee gave the attending members their recommendation. The members voted. John Marty was endorsed. It was a unanimous affirmative vote by all the voting members who were in attendance except for one dissenter who stood up and spoke for Mark Dayton. I was not part of this since I'm not a member.

The committee told the attendees that John Marty was the only DFL gubernatorial candidate who answered every single question on their questionaire in the way that this Caucus wanted them to be answered. John Marty is good on health care, good on everyone in Minnesota being treated equally, good on fair taxes and the economy. The list goes on.

A member called Marty to tell him the news and invite him to come and say a few words. This was very short notice, but Senator Marty was there shortly. Many of the members gave him a standing ovation. He's a very good and decent person, so I was happy for him.

John Marty is very progressive, so he is definitely a good choice for the Progressive Caucus endorsement. He's not the candidate I personally support because he might be too liberal to win the general election. I'm obviously a big supporter of Mark Dayton. However, if John Marty does become governor, of course I would fully support him.

For more about John Marty's stand on various issues, go to his website.

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