Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Susan Gaertner has just announced that she will run in the primary whether she wins the DFL endorsement or not. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I don't think she has a chance of winning. I think she's wasting her time and money. Where is she getting that kind of money, anyway? On the other hand, I like her. Even so, would she make the kind of governor Minnesota needs and wants? I doubt it. Why did she prosecute those who were merely protesting at the Republican National Convention? Many, many years ago I protested the Viet Nam War. Would she have prosecuted me? Would she have prosecuted the protesters at Kent State? Does she really think that DFL voters will elect her? I thought she was a lot smarter than that.

What will that mean for the other candidates? We currently have four DFL gubernatorial candiates who say they won't abide by the endorsement. Dayton, Entenza, Kelley and now Gaertner. The only one who has a chance at winning the primary out of these four is Dayton. His other contender, though, will be whoever gets the DFL endorsement. I predict that will either be Kelliher, Thissen or Rybak. Of all these candidates, the race would be closest between Rybak, Thissen and Dayton. And what a close race that will be.

If Gaertner, Entenza and Kelley want to waste their money, I guess that's up to them. However, I would suggest that they take that money and put it toward paying off Minnesota's deficit. The people of Minnesota would be forever grateful.

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