Saturday, January 9, 2010


This is the third in a series of ten reasons to vote for each candidate. This one is ten reasons to vote for Paul Thissen.

Paul Thissen

1.  Paul Thissen represents everything that is new and fresh and honest. A lot of voters say they are tired of the old politics and they want someone new. He might be just the candidate to get Minnesota back on track.
2.  Thissen cares about a new Minnesota and knows that our demographics will be greatly changing with the retirement of the Baby Boomers. He wants seniors to be able to retire in comfort and with dignity and will make it possible for as many as possible to retire in their own homes if at all possible.
3.  He knows that in our global economy and society, our children must be educationally prepared. He is aware that our educational system is going bankrupt with all the budget cuts. He wants to reduce class sizes and increase funding. He knows that the children are our future.
4.  He wants to improve Minnesota's infrastructure. He is committed to building a statewide infrastructure comprised of 21st century roadways and environmentally responsible mass transportation systems that will support economic growth in all parts of the state. 
5.  He wants Minnesota to become a global leader in the 21st century global economy. Paul Thissen has a broad economic vision and a confident optimism about our state’s ability to rebuild and grow. He knows we have an educated workforce and nationally recognized hospitals and clinics. He wants to change the way we present our state to businesses in order to attract the growing and successful companies needed to provide all Minnesotans with living wage employment.

6.  Paul Thisssen's vision for health care is that Minnesota will be a place where every man, woman and child can see a doctor or nurse for the care they need when they need it regardless of income and regardless of where they live in the state. Period. This is one of the reasons why he is endorsed by the Minnesota Nurses Association.

7.  He believes that strong family farms are essential to the continued viability of rural communities and to our entire state. He promises to fight to provide stability, predictability and new opportunities so family farmers can thrive for many generations. He promises to work with federal partners to provide needed support. He will also enforce Minnesota’s corporate farm laws.

8.  Paul Thissen has the intelligence and wisdom to know what Minnesota needs in order to be a great state again. He graduated from Harvard University with high honors in 1989, then went on to the University of Chicago Law School, where, in 1992, he also graduated with high honors.

9.  In 2006, Paul was named one of Forty Under 40 top business professionals in the Twin Cities by the Twin Cities Business Journal. In 2008, he was recognized as one of the 100 Influential Minnesotans in Health Care by Physician Magazine. He was named one of the Twin Cities “Best Brains” in Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine.

10. On a personal level, Paul Thissen is very personable and easy to like. He always goes out of his way to greet people. You can tell he genuinely likes people rather than just looking for votes. He will stand up for what he believes in yet is willing to change his opinions if it turns out that facts don't agree with his opinions. He is willing to stand out in the cold to fight against injustice, as he did for the GAMC protest in front of the Governor's Mansion.

Vote Paul Thissen for a Smart Choice and a Fresh Minnesota!


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