Sunday, January 17, 2010


When you start having bad dreams about politics, maybe you're becoming too involved in it.

A post by one of my Facebook friends this morning reminded me of a very vivid dream I had just after Christmas. Here's his post:

I had a dream that actually woke me up. It was so vivid that I thought I'd check it out. It was good and not so good. But sometimes that's all it is, just a dream.

Here is my reply, which explains the dream I had:

Sometimes it's more than just a dream. Sometimes it's your subconscience trying to tell you something. Like the dream I had a couple of weeks ago. It was so vivid. It was about Mark Dayton falling out of a helicopter onto the sidewalk next to the pond where I grew up. (In real life there was no sidewalk there.) I tried to run over there to see if he was ok, but people pulled me away and wouldn't let me look. I remember thinking that he crashed his own helicopter. A prophetic dream? (I know why my mind used a helicopter to focus on. It was because I bought my son a remote controlled helicopter for Christmas and I had watched him flying it around the house.) So now Dayton is metaphorically crashing his own helicopter in real life.

My friend then replied:

After researching, mine was telling me I'm going through, or will be shortly, a major transformation. But it will be a good one. I've been feeling it coming on in my conscience mind as well. Change in my life is in the air and good things are or will be happening. Hard to explain. But I just feel it.  Mark crashing his own helicopter in any form is concerning me...

How much stock should we put in dreams? Are dreams really our subconscience minds trying to send us a message? Or are they just bits and pieces of images the brain receives during the day and puts into some semblance of a story at night? Or is it just indigeston? Have you ever had an experience of a dream being prophetic? I'd like to hear your comments on this.

Apparently there is research going on about dreams. Looks like an interesting website. I'll explore it later.

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