Friday, January 8, 2010


Here's the first in a series of ten reasons to vote for each candidate. This first blog is ten reasons to vote for Mark Dayton.


1.  Mark Dayton has four decades of public service experience. He's the only candidate with this many years of solid DFL experience.
2.  He truly cares about the people of Minnesota and about making this a better state. He has shown time and time again that he puts Minnesotans before any financial or personal gain.

3.  Minnesota needs a progressive governor. Mark Dayton has been a part of progressive politics since the days he protested the Viet Nam War.

4.  He has a history of being completely honest. In the case of Mark Dayton, an honest politician is not an oxymoron.

5.  He may have been born with the proverbial silver spoon, but he has worked his entire life, from the time he graduated college and taught science in an inner city school in New York City to the six years he served as U. S. Senator for Minnesota. He has always worked hard to serve Minnesotans.

6.  He can relate to people across all lines, including minority cultures, GLBT, the intellectual community, people living at the poverty level, and everywhere in between. Mark Dayton can connect with all Minnesotans. He's ready, willing and able to go to work to make this a better state.

7.  He served as a Commissioner under Rudy Perpich and thus learned how to bring jobs to Minnesota. Perpich would go anywhere and talk to anyone to bring in jobs. Dayton is eager to do the same.

8.   Mark Dayton is highly electable and can win the general election in November. He's won statewide elections before. He knows how to run a hard campaign and he knows how to win. He's got a multitude of supporters all over the state.
9.  He always listens carefully to what his constituents have to say about the issues. He's genuinely interested in each person he talks to.
10. Mark Dayton can fix Minnesota's budget crisis. He is determined to give Minnesota a progressive tax system in which the wealthy finally pay their fair share of taxes.





  1. I'm confused by the Lucy/Charlie Brown cartoon. Why is this relevant?

  2. That's a different blog post. They are separated by dates. Each blog post has it's own link but are also viewable altogether by the common link. Did I post the wrong link?

  3. Oh, I get it, you mean the one of Lucy snatching the football out from under Charlie Brown. I thought you meant all the cartoons I posted earlier this morning. I just like the Peanuts gang.


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