Monday, August 17, 2009

Kit E. Khat

This is my cat Amy. Otherwise known as Kit E. Khat. She's mostly a good kitty, but she insists on always having her own way. I can't hold and pet her unless it's her idea. Luckily it's her idea quite a lot.

I've always loved having cats and dogs. I grew up with a lot of them on the farm. We raised chihuahuas. I also had a collie named Pal. Our cats were Boots, Sylvester and others whose names I have now forgotten.

Amy is a very friendly cat. Whenever we have visitors, she goes right up to them and insists on getting some affection. She loves to have her belly rubbed. She also loves to go out on our 3rd floor deck and watch what's going on outside. She hates going out in the apartment hallway, though, and howls loudly to show how upset she is.

Amy loves playing with her kitty toys. Especially the ones with catnip in them. She also loves jumping up on my lap when I'm at the computer. She's fascinated by the cursor moving around on the screen.

Amy is four years old now. I look forward to enjoying many more years with her.

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