Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Grandchildren

I finally met my two grand-
children. They are so precious to me. Meeting them made me so very happy.
I've been estranged from my daughter for 20 years. She won't say why. I was never able to meet my son-in-law or my grandchildren until last month at my oldest son's wedding. Sara is 14. Jake is almost 16. I'm so sad that they were not part of my life all these years. I've missed being with them. All I had were pictures that my son gave me and a few pictures that I found on the internet. I treasure these pictures.

It's my hope that when Jake and Sara are grown they will come to see me of their own free will. I just hope they don't believe the lies they've been told about me, thanks to my ex-husband and his mother and sister. I guess my ex doesn't believe in telling the truth. Whenever I think about the situation, which is often, depression sets in. The doctor prescribed Lexapro.

I just don't understand why my daughter thinks her father is Mr. Wonderful and I am the wicked witch. During the eight years of our marriage, he was involved in drugs, alcohol and other women. My daughter told someone that I must have drove him to it. They told her that he was doing those things before I ever met him and continued to do them long after I kicked him out. I tried my best to be a good wife. I was a very good mother. I would make dinner, add candles to the table, but my husband never came home. Many nights I cried waiting for him to come home. Once he went to empty the garbage and came home three days later. This was certainly not conducive to a good marriage.

I remember one Christmas he was busy having an affair and didn't come home for many days. Finally he came home carrying my unwrapped package of pantyhose in a brown paper bad. And the smell of the other woman on him.

He drove a taxi for a few years. He later admitted that he carried one female passenger's suitcase into a motel and that she then threw herself at him. So what could he do but have sex with her? What indeed?

My grandmother told me that if I married him I would ruin my life. She cried when she found out we were going to get married. Oh, how I wish I had listened to her.

Maybe someday my beloved grandchlden will come to see me. I've included a picture of them at the top of this blog.

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  1. You have a beautiful family. Congratulations on the book too. I love the cover. I don't doubt that you can tell a romantic yarn.:)


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