Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ginny Dolls

One of my hobbies is collecting Ginny dolls, made by Vogue Doll Company. My cousin Diana and I had so much fun playing with them when we were kids. Several years ago I started collecting them again. Lots of women my age collect these dolls because of our childhood experiences with them. There are even Yahoo groups devoted to Ginny. Some women even get together to play with their Ginny dolls. There's a big get together every year, with lots of women and dolls, in Virginia. We also love making scenes with our Ginnys and taking pictures. In these two pictures you see the Minnesota Ginnys at home. One scene shows them having a tea party. The other scene shows them in a sing along, complete with piano.

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  1. Hi April,

    I love your Ginny Dolls. I had fun reading this entry in your blog.


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