Friday, October 2, 2009

Right Wing Conspiracy?

A couple of days ago, news columnist John L. Perry wrote that there is a "gaining" possibility that the military will stage a coup to "resolve the Obama problem." Read the full article.

So the Republicans are now contemplating treason? How far will they go? So far we have Sarah Palin making idiotic statements, including one about the Health Care Reform Bill leading to Death Panels. And I thought I was good at pouring gasoline on my ceiling. She gets the prize. We also have the right wing faction as well as blue dog democrats opposing this same bill. They don't want the public option. They think that it means they'll have to pay, through taxes, for the health care of illegal aliens. I wonder what they would do if an illegal alien had a heart attack and collapsed at their feet. Would they just leave him there and walk away? Well, I guess these are Republicans we're talking about. They're just not known for their compassion.

Here's another article about this ridiculous suggestion for a military coup that is being fantasized about by the right-wing fringe.

Then of course we have the ever unwelcome presence of Rush Limbaugh. Read about his take on this. He and Sarah Palin should get together. Can you imagine the combination of those genes? Scary.

I think this country is in big trouble if some of our senators and representatives don't quit acting like little kids and if people such as those listed above don't get a brain.

Just for the record, I think President Obama is doing a wonderful job and trying to accomplish a great deal in the short amount of time that he has been President. If we all stand behind him the United States will become a better country.

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