Monday, October 5, 2009

Minnesota Health Plan

I really hope this bill passes. Here's what it entails:

As a matter of justice and an affirmation of the equal dignity of all human beings we must as a state (and as a nation) guarantee quality affordable health care to all of our people. To this end, the Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition is devoting all of its resources to the passage and enactment of the Minnesota Health Act (SF 118 / HF 135). The Minnesota Health Act will create the Minnesota Health Plan, a comprehensive plan that will cover all state residents. Below are the principles of health care reform that form the basis of the Minnesota Health Act.

Principles of Health Care Reform
The Minnesota Health Act is driven by the need for solutions that work and not by ideology. The solutions are based on over-arching principles of health care reform. In order to keep Minnesotans healthy and provide the best quality of health care, our health care system must:

*Ensure all Minnesotans receive high quality health care, regardless of their income;
*Not restrict, delay, or deny care or reduce the quality of care to hold down costs, but instead reduce costs through prevention, efficiency, and reduction of bureaucracy;
*Cover all necessary care, including all coverage currently required by law, complete mental health services, chemical dependency treatment, prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, dental care, long-term care, and home care services;
*Allow patients to choose their own providers;
*Be funded through premiums and other payments based on the person's ability to pay, so as not to deny full access to any Minnesotan;
*Focus on preventive care and early intervention to improve the health of all Minnesotans and reduce costs from untreated illnesses and diseases;
*Ensure an adequate number of qualified health care professionals and facilities to guarantee availability of, and timely access to quality care throughout the state;
*Continue Minnesota's leadership in medical education, training, research, and technology;
*Provide adequate and timely payments to providers.

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