Friday, March 26, 2010


How long should you support a losing campaign? Until it becomes not viable, like in the subcaucus process? Or just until your support is no longer wanted or appreciated? Or until all your efforts are wiped out by all the negative comments all across Minnesota? Is it even feasible to try to undo or respond to all those negative comments? It takes a lot out of you and is very depressing. There were days on end that I felt I was fighting a losing battle. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to keep fighting against misrepresentations and half-truths that never stop circulating about a particular candidate. I'm so tired. My liver is failing, yet I thought it would be so great to do one last good thing. Help get a DFL candidate elected as the next Minnesota governor.

If a campaign doesn't want my support, then I'll just say okay and move on. Which should be fine, except it really hurts. And Mark Dayton doesn't deserve my support. Not at all. I will give it instead to a candidate who doesn't keep doing idiotic things. Someone like R. T. Rybak, Paul Thissen or Matt Entenza.  Maybe I'll back Margaret.

If the Dayton campaign does win the primary, it would get slaughtered at the general election in November. There is no doubt at all about that. Dayton should just drop out of the race for the good of the DFL party. Like he did when he left his one and only Senate term.

I guess we all know which campaign I'm talking about. The one I've been promoting with glorious adjectives of commendation all across the internet and all across the state. On newpaper and magazine comment boxes, in obscure guestbooks and on numerous chatrooms.

At the AFSCME endorsement, we almost finished without an endorsement. There were a lot of members who didn't want to endorse the candidate that the board recommended. There were members who thought this candidate had obvious mental illness. I highly disagreed. I stood up twice to give a glowing report of him. I used all my persuasive speaking skills to exemplify his virtues. One person said he looked really old and reminded her of John McCain. I said, "Honey, if he's old, then more than half of us in this room are in big trouble." I happily spoke long and hard to get him the endorsement. Jennifer Munt, who works closely with Elliot Seide, told me that it was my speaking up that swayed the membership to endorse Mark Dayton. That's how he got that endorsement.

The Republicans keep saying that he's a weird, weird man. I always disagreed. After all, I was his biggest supporter. I believed in what I thought he stood for. I believed in the myth. I'm an idiot. A complete moron.

My son and his wife said, "Mom, if we meet a new friend and we want to know if he's any good, we're going to bring him over to meet you. If you like him, we'll know he's no good."

Seriously. They said that to me. It really makes me doubt myself.

A few blogs back, I posted the YouTube video of Mark Dayton's recent AFSCME speech. I thought he did a great job, so I said so on his Facebook page and gave the link. Poof! Deleted! Gone! Gosh, what was that all about?? Apparently it's because, as Dayton himself said several times, he wants to keep his page clear for his comments against Pawlenty and the Republican agenda. Although some of his Facebook friends told him that should not be part of his campaign, he does not listen. He recently told them they might be better off with another candidate. Indeed.

And now his Facebook page doesn't take any comments at all. He doesn't want the viewpoint of his "friends." He told me that if they don't like what he writes on his page, they shouldn't be on it. Now he wants everyone to go to his new Facebook Fan page. Hardly anyone is, at least so far. Fans are supposed to post discussions on various issues. No one is. I had posted several, but I deleted them all and left the group.

If Dayton gets to be governor, he will definitely be called Governor Dork. He doesn't have good judgement. We don't need another governor with bad judgement.

He's obsessed with Pawlenty to the point where his obsession is not good for him. I can see why he feels that way. Look what the Republicans did to his reputation in Washington. It was horrible. How could it not have affected him? I don't think that many of us even know how deeply. And now he wants to be governor so he can find redemption. That's not a good enough reason to elect him. He wants to campaign because it keeps him busy and that's the best thing for his health. I can understand that. But it's not a good reason to elect him governor. Neither is feeling sorry for him.

There sure are a lot of people who commented about how Dayton used to send Christmas letters every year with a lot of personal information in them about himself and his two divorces. They were very uncomfortable in receiving those letters. I suppose some will be uncomfortable reading this, too. Oh well. It's my blog. A blog is often like a diary. You're supposed to express your feelings, ideas and opinions.

I wrote a comment on the Facebook Progressive Caucus page regarding how Dayton was the best candidate. This was a few months back. One woman spat out that his ex-wife said he was a wimp. I was appalled, especially since Dayton was also a member of that group. I responded that no ex-wife has anything good to say about their ex-husband. That's pretty normal. Yet there have been a couple of occasions now where Dayton hides behind the skirts of his attorney instead of responding to something himself.

My heart is no longer with this candidate. He destroyed that. My logic says he's not the best choice. He's got too much baggage. He might be able to win the primary. Indeed, he's got an excellent chance. Then what? Then we lose at the general election? That's what many of my Facebook friends say. Maybe I should start listening to other people instead of always thinking I'm right about everything. See, I can't trust my own judgement anymore.

Did I like Dayton too much? Well of course. Like I said, I'm an idiot. The worst kind of fool. It doesn't matter. My liver is getting worse. I'm feeling the throes of depression. Everytime I try to do something good I get knocked down. Why bother trying?

I hate this disease. My liver doesn't make nearly enough cholesterol or vitamin D anymore. It doesn't properly process the dietary fat anymore, so look at me now. I will be glad when this life is over. I'll come back in my next life as a beautiful young rich healthy energetic Italian girl.

Well, the Dayton campaign told me that they have given me more than any other person in Minnesota. I have no idea what they are talking about. I'm the one who gave and gave and gave. What did they give? Oh, they talked to me. I know that I was a laughing stock to some of the staffers. They made that clear at MYDFL convention.

And what was up with him blowing up rats in the microwave? Sure, the rats were already dead. He was trying to thaw them out to feed his son's boa constricter. Apparently it's like trying to cook an egg in the microwave. In the shell. Lots of people found out, when microwaves first came on the market, that you can't do that. It was kind of humorous. But rats? He told the media that it took a week or two to clean up the mess. Ok, so he didn't know. You can't hold that against anyone. It's an honest mistake. The part that people wonder about is why he would tell that to the media. Is that an error in judgement? Do we want a governor who does not use good judgement? One incident, sure. Overlook it. But three or four? Or more?

I personally have a history of overlooking everything. I'm a pie in the sky kind of person. My glass was always half full. I spent most of my life looking at the world through rose colored glasses. That must not work because I always end up getting hurt. Really badly.

Maybe I was born to be a catalyst.

So is the Mark Dayton for a Better Minnesota a losing campaign? I would say so. And if they don't lose in August, then we all lose in November. It would have been better had I never become involved in politics. I just wanted to do something good.

I don't think Mark Dayton even wants to be governor. I think he just wants to campaign because he likes campaigning. He likes feeling important. He's sure not doing anything to ensure that he gets elected. Not very many people show up at his Meet and Greets on his 87 X 87 tour.

So goodbye, Mr. Dayton. It's your loss far more than it is mine. I could have helped you win. It would have been fun campaigning with you. Now I'll be campaigning against you. At least my eyes have been opened.



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