Thursday, March 4, 2010


Mark Dayton on his 87 x 87 Tour

For some unknown reason it has become popular in some circles to attack Mark Dayton. Much of it, of course, comes from Republicans who fear that he will win the election. Some comes from ordinary citizens who are misinformed. I've been working hard all over the internet and in person to set the record straight. I have no idea why the Dayton Campaign is no longer speaking to me. Oh well, that's their problem. I'll keep on doing what I've been doing.

Three years ago my family stood three generations deep shoulder to shoulder watching a brief tornado near White, SD. Three years ago tonight Jamie Wendt died in the Rogers, MN tornado. That one still bugs me as I was 2 miles to the northwest when the tornado touched down and I had no visual clue from my location. The public outcry landed on the ears of the MN senator Mark Dayton who opened an inquiry into whose head would roll at MPX since they had to have made an error which caused Jamie's death. BS. Mark Dayton is a deep pocket POS who is a great example of what is wrong with our society. I usually play the middle of the road when it comes to politics but when it comes to Mark Dayton, I draw the line. Too bad they can't tie this moron to Tom Petters or Bernie Madoff somehow. Now he wants to run for governor in 2010. I pray he doesn't even make it to primary.

Here's my response:

That's so sad that you feel that way about Mark Dayton. Perhaps he's not a weather expert, but at least he cared enough to look into it. I'm definitely voting for Mark Dayton. He's a kind person, and truly cares about others, which is very rare in politics.

The blogger responded to my post like this:

Really Ms. Knight?

Let us take a moment recall Mr. Dayton's past.
From his wiki page:
"In April 2006, Dayton was selected by Time as one of "America's Five Worst Senators." The magazine dubbed him "The Blunderer" for "erratic behavior" such as his closure of his office in 2004",8599,1183984,00.html

You don't get that type of notoriety by being a stellar leader and decision maker.

Dayton was nothing more than a personal agenda flaunting hypocrite. History repeats itself. Why would any Minnesotan with even the slightest of an eduction waste their vote on this moron? Oh, and for the record I'm not a Republican either. Nor am I a Democrat. I vote the person, not the party.

Here's my response to his unfair analysis:

That Time magazine article was a gross misrepresentation of the real story. Dayton gave the entire senate an F for failure to accomplish anything. The Democratic party was in the minority at the time. Mark Dayton did many good things for Minnesotans. He had no seniority, as it was his first term; he was in the minority party. Yet he stood up in favor of some unpopular issues because he always followed his conscience and did what was right. He voted against the Iraq War. He voted against the Marriage Amendment. Check out my webpage about his Senate years to see all the good things that Mark Dayton did. Then perhaps you should apologize to him.

I've done this kind of commenting in divers places. For free because I believe in what I'm doing. So I no longer receive emails from the Campaign. Oh well. At least the point is made, and thanks to Holly and others for pointing it out to me, that it's not that the Campaign "paid more attention to me than to anyone else in Minnesota;" it's more about the kind words I've spread all over Minnesota to try to get a good man elected governor.

Wake up, Dayton Campaign!


  1. Just a quick note to say "thanks" for driving extra traffic to my blog. Regarding your last comment on my blog calling for me to apologize to Mr. Dayton, I pose this question: Why would I apologize for someone else's gross incompetency? I suggest Mr. Dayton should attempt a run at the gubernatorial seat coming up and let the voice of the majority in Minnesota send him packing once and for all into a dark corner of history for this state.

    Bill Doms
    Buffalo, MN

  2. Mark Dayton is far from incompetent. Didn't you read my link to the blogpost I made about all the wonderful things he did for Minnesota? Mark Dayton has an excellent chance of winning the Primary and the general election in November, as well. He's got a ton of supporters all over the state. He'll have the majority of the senior vote for sure. They all remember how he donated his Senate salary to the Senior Federation and how he funded bus trips to Canada so seniors could get their prescription drugs at cheaper prices. They love him! Also, he has more people on his Facebook page than most candidates do. So you may be the one who is surprised at the outcome of the election.


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