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Mark Dayton

I just looked through the Strib articles from awhile back. I thought, "Good grief, no wonder I feel the way I do. Just look at these comments that people made about Mark Dayton. This happens all over the place. These comments are so ignorant. They made me very angry, so I responded to them. I did this every free moment I had. A pat on the back would have been nice instead of being shunned and instead of having my picture deleted.

Here's some comments from trolls and other horrible people from when Dayton revealed his struggles with alcohol and depression. At the end, I've posted my own comments in response to these horrible and unfair words:

Yes Senator, we have a right to know
if you were under the influence of any drugs or alcohol when you were the only U.S. Senator to close his office due to alleged terror threats. We have a right to know. And before you run for future office, why don't you first start a private business, hire employees, meet a payroll, pay confiscatory taxes and find out what it is like to try and earn a dollar under a system where your DFL friends believe that making a profit is wrong.
posted by humen007 on Dec. 28, 09 at 7:09 PM

Mark Dayton
Please let's vote for this guy to be our Governor, we're on a roll. Let's see, we sent a wrestler into the Governor's office because he has a familiar name. We then sent a complete incompetent idiot to be our Senator because he had a name that was put on a department store, and was familiar. Next, we sent a comedian to represent our State as a U.S. Senator because people remembered seeing him on SNL. Now, we are going to send this idiot back into politics because he has a recognizable name, despite his ineptness, among his other problems. Thank God he doesn't have his finger on the nuclear button.
posted by mjoyce on Dec. 28, 09 at 1:42 PM

Dayton's apologists are
out in force..just change the name to Limbaugh and we'll see how far your compassion really goes..yeah it stops as the ideology changes, so quit playing the role of victim. Dayton is another rich white leftist thinking he knows the common man when he's never worked an honest day in his life...but give him some addiction and suddenly his "bravery and honesty" are qualifiers to elected office.
posted by donotbugme on Dec. 28, 09 at 12:39 PM

I appreciate the honesty...but...
Truly, it is refreshing. And also to be honest Im not a big fan of Dayton as a politician. My concern is why run for governor with this going on in your recent history? Even if you agree with his politics, isnt there someone else out there who can represent liberal politics as well as or better than Dayton without all the personal issues? The answer is yes. Dayton just isnt that special of a politician where we cant do as good or better without the personal baggage, including alcoholism. NO individual politician is. I wish him well with his recovery, but not in his quest for becoming governor.
posted by nthernlgts on Dec. 28, 09 at 11:49 AM

You have running/buying for office since the 70's
Do us all a favor and get a real job or start a business that actually produces something of real value, you have been an expense to tax payers and your family forever, time to grow up poor little trust fund boy.
posted by bootstraps on Dec. 28, 09 at 11:05 AM

Yeah, well I'm depressed he's running for governor.
If a liberal rag like Time called Dayton 'the blunderer', you know he was terrible as a Senator. One of the worst Senators in senate history. He had NO accomplishments of any distinction in the senate, and he was the ONLY senator to close his capitol office and run away when there was an alert for a possible terrorist act in D.C. And BTW, did you notice even in this strib 'list of highlights', NO senate highlights are listed?? Even the strib can't find anything of note to say about this failure's senate stint. Let's hope the people of Minnesota wake up after electing yet another senate embarrassment, Al Franken, and start electing people who WON'T embarrass us ever again.
posted by minn12 on Dec. 27, 09 at 2:06 PM

Reading all of these horrible comments made me want to post my own comments in Dayton's defense. So I did. Here's some of the comments I made:

Some of the posters on here are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something negative to say about Mark Dayton. Many of you don't even know what you're talking about. For those who say he never worked: do your homework. He's been working since high school. He spent three summers as an orderly at the old Abbot Hospital in Minneapolis. Out of college he worked as a teacher in a NYC inner city school. After that he worked at a Boston social service agency. Then he was a legislative assistant to Walter Mondale. If you want to talk about someone, at least get your facts right instead of making stuff up off the top of your head. Oh, and he did start his own company. Vermillion Investment Company. As for closing his Senate office, all the senators were gone. The legislature was in recess. Why leave the staff behind if there's a terrorist threat? Go find out all the facts before you spout off your mouths.
posted by colleensue on Dec. 29, 09 at 2:43 AM

Mark Dayton
He could conceivably someday be called the best governor that Minnesota ever had. So what if he moved his Senate office back to Minnesota to keep his young staff safe? Anthrax is nothing to fool around with. The parents of those staff members are eternally grateful. It's the other senators I have to wonder about. Apparently they didn't think a terroristic threat was serious. Also, he didn't just give himself an F. He gave the entire senate an F because they didn't accomplish what they were supposed to. So much for having a Republican majority. Obviously most of you don't know of all the good things he did as a Senator and as a human being. Some adjectives to describe Mark Dayton: honest, intelligent, caring, generous, viable, sensitive, humble, nice, witty, moral, ethical, big-hearted, and the list goes on. That's a whole lot more than I can say about those of you on this board who are so negative and ridiculous in your comments. And for the person who said that Dayton doesn't attend any functions...I don't know where you got your information. He's attended every one of the forums and debates that I have been to and a whole lot more that I couldn't make it to. He goes to Meet and Greets. He's got the AFSCME endorsement and will be visiting 87 counties in 87 days. And who finds parades to go to in the winter in Minnesota, except the Winter Carnival? I'm proud to be a Mark Dayton supporter, and so are his almost 3,000 Facebook supporters. There have been a ton of posts in support of him. I didn't see even one negative post. Mark Dayton has done nothing but good for other people his entire life. What have you done for others?
posted by colleensue on Dec. 27, 09 at 8:36 PM

I posted good stuff like that in response to all the negative comments. I spent a couple of hours a night doing it in many newspapers and guestbooks around the state. No wonder I'm so tired. No wonder my head is drooping. I'm just so tired......


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