Friday, March 26, 2010


Biker Chicks

I spent most of the day at work processing data that came in from health plans and clinics. This is the busiest time of the year for that. The researchers in the Health Economics Program use this data that we collect to do their research.

At lunch I walked the skyway. I ran into J. P. Barone again. He was having lunch at the fast food section right across the skyway from TCF. We both said hi, then I walked on to the Burlington Northern Building where my friend Frank J. Brown has his art gallery. He was there. He and Doug, another sculpturer, were just putting the clay on a woman they are making to go in a group sculpture.

They were glad to see me. Some people are, you know.

Frank and Doug were discussing the latest on the Catholic priests. We all agreed that child molesting is the worst crime there is.

We then discussed the upcoming gubernatorial election. I told them that I'm officially no longer a Dayton supporter. Frank asked why. I said because Dayton made me cry. Frank asked if it was just a misunderstanding. I said, "no, probably not."

Frank and Doug wanted to know who I would vote for then. I said probably Rybak, Thissen or Entenza. They both liked Entenza because they met him at an event in Lowertown and liked what he said and how he presented himself. They both like Rybak. They don't know anything about Thissen. He'd better get down there and introduce himself. Frank knows almost everyone who lives and/or works downtown. He's been down there for years and years. I told Dayton about Frank, but Dayton never saw fit to go see him. Frank, as you may recall from one of my previous blogs, had worked on a bill with Paul Wellstone.

Doug said he didn't care for Dayton because he only served one term in the Senate. I would have explained that to him, but what's the point now?

It was time for me to go back to work. Frank asked me if I was sure the thing with Dayton wasn't just a misunderstanding. I said no, he hates me. Oh well.

I'm running around the skyway trying to get back all the Dayton campaign pins that I had given out. I'm replacing them with Entenza, Rybak and Thissen pins. Let's spread the love around.

Some people liked the idea of having the Dayton pin with the big red X over it. They are wearing that on one side of their jacket and the other candidate's pin on the other side. They seem to be happy with that. One lady fought to keep her Dayton button, but I gave a fierce tug and got it back.

It was nice walking back to work through the skyway. Lots of people stopped to say hi to me or waved. I know a lot of people downtown now. They all like me. Only Dayton and his staffers don't.

Back to work. More data. More processing. It kept me busy the rest of the afternoon.


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