Friday, September 18, 2009

Issues Facing Minnesota

As Minnesota faces an election year, all Minnesotans need to be aware of what the issues are and where the various candidates for Governor stand on each each issue.
1. Jobs - who is best suited to bring more jobs to Minnesota and to enable employers to rehire those who were laid off?
2. Economy - What is needed to fix Minnesota's flagging economy? Is it a more progressive tax system? Or is it more budget cuts? Should the working people carry the biggest tax load, or should it be the wealthy and the large corporations?
3. Pollution - How can we stem pollution and protect the environment so it will be healthy for our kids and grandkids?
4. Mass Transit - What is the answer for our transit system? Do we need more and better roads? Is light rail the answer? Or is it a combination of the two? How can we make Minnesota roads and highways the way they used to be instead of covered with potholes?
5. Health Care Reform - What do the gubanatorial candidates think about health care reform? How will they make health care better in Minnesota?
6. Disability Issues - How do the candidates feel about disability access? How will they make Minnesota fully accessible to the disabled?
Be an informed voter. Research the candidates and where they stand on each issue.

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