Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The Minnesota GOP responded to Mark Dayton's ad campaign for governor with a YouTube video of its own. Of course it's a terrible video that doesn't mean a thing. How could it? It was narrated by Michael Brodkorb. If you will recall, Brodkorb is the person who ran "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" before Luke Hellier took it over. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Both of these people were made out of the same mold. Hopefully said mold has been thrown in the garbage by now. "Minnesota Democrats Exposed" is the worst website I have ever had the misfortune of visiting. It has definitely not improved since Hellier took it over.

The current GOP video that slams Mark Dayton doesn't have a chance of accomplishing its purpose. Not only has Dayton made a huge comeback in the DFL party; he's also become quite popular in Minnesota politics in general. Sure, he's cashing in on a few things, such as his well-known name that's long been associated with Dayton's Department Store. There's also the fact that Minnesotans really like Dayton for his long-time service to Minnesota. We'll never forget the good things that Mark Dayton did when he was a Senator, when he was the State Auditor and the two times that he was a Commissioner.

Nothing that such low-caliber people as Tony Sutton, Michael Brodkorb or Luke Hellier could say about Dayton would ever be enough to detract from his popularity among Minnesotans. Dayton is a favorite son. Everyone likes him and everyone remembers how much he has always cared about Minnesota. No one will forget about the excellent work he did as Senator on behalf of Minnesota seniors.

I totally disagree that this GOP video is damning for Dayton. On the contrary, it's damning for the GOP. It's damning for Brodkorb and Hellier. It might say some negative things about Dayton, but who cares? We all know that Mark Dayton was a good Senator because he truly cared about Minnesotans and because he did so much for Senior issues. It's easy for the GOP to say negative things about Dayton or about any other candidate, but will what they say hold water? No. There is no water to be held. On closer scrutiny, it all seeps away. Scrutinize this GOP video and see for yourself how many holes it contains.

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