Sunday, November 22, 2009


Those in the political arena don't always have a good view of what the masses are thinking about in any given election. Certainly there is an abundance of educated people who vote on the candidates' responses to the various issues. It should be remembered, though, that there is still a tremendous number of voters who vote on personalities and the way the candidates present themselves.

Jesse Ventura won his governorship primarily because people did not like either of the other two candidates. Voters were sick of both the main parties during that particular election as well as sick of negative campaigns. Many people expected Skip Humphrey to be like Hubert. He wasn't. Everyone was tired of Norm Coleman.

I remember one of the debates between the three. I remember the shocked looks on Coleman's and Humphrey's faces when they knew that Jesse had captured not only the debate but the audience. People were so sick of both the Republican and Democratic parties, with all their fighting back and forth, that they decided to go with Jesse instead. At least this year we have lots of DFL candidates that people actually like.

The best thing a candidate can do is have viable ideas regarding how to solve the issues, a history of being an honest person with integrity, and present him or herself in a favorable way before an audience. Voters look at all of these. They also look at whether a candidate seems a little too slick, a little too glossy. Voters want a governor they can look toward as a leader rather than as a used car salesman. They particularly want someone they can trust. People don't trust politicians much.

Who can we trust in this election? Who has a history and a reputation of having a great character rather than just a catchy personality? Who has the most experience in public service? Who has a habit of carrying out promises? Who is not in this campaign for the money? Who deeply and sincerely cares about Minnesota and its people?

It's time we had a governor who meets all these characteristics. This election that choice can only be a DFL candidate. Which DFL candidate meets every one of the qualities that I've listed above? Mark Dayton. Our next governor.

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  1. Good observation … Ventura’s election should be lesson for all candidates --- and for those that go to the caucuses that will chose the candidates.

    My recollections of the debates was Skip going after Norm, Norm going after Skip and Jesse talking to the people … and before too long, Norm would say “I agree with Jesse and here’s where Skip’s wrong” … in the end, I had to ask myself, if you agree with Jesse, why should I vote for you. Jesse was the one that didn’t have the polish that the other two candidates had but he connected … he connected with me and got my vote … Ventura may have said he “Shocked the world” but it was not a surprise to me.

    I’m an independent voter and will be in the group that decides the next governor.

    The Independence Party offers that safe ground for independent voters who are disappointed with DFL and MN-GOP nominees … to win, the nominee must convince independent voters that their vote matters and not to waste it on the Independence Party.
    Look no further than the 2008 MN-Senate contest and to see the impact of the Independence Party. Coleman has finally admitted that he lost when he voted for TARP … he lost the hardcore conservatives. Did you realize that 63,203 McCain voters did not vote for Coleman ? That’s right, if Coleman had just gotten just a couple more of those votes, he would still be in the Senate. When voters get their ballot, it is generally a choice of voting for someone or voting against someone … but with the Independence Party on the ballot, people can vote for the third option … Barkley got 437,505 votes which is more the 350,000 votes that a typical Independence Party candidate would get … most of those votes were anti-Coleman and anti-Franken votes … not pro-Barkley. Another example is in Minnesota’s Sixth District, where IP candidate Bob Anderson attracted a significant number of Republican voters who would not vote for Bachmann … but also not cross the party line to vote for Tink.

    That’s what the DFL and MN-GOP must consider … how to put up candidates that can get their party voters to hold with the nominee and not give the opportunity for anyone to throw away their vote to the Independence Party.

    That said, you have outlined (in other posts as well) what you like about the various DFL candidates … but what don’t you like about those same candidates ? What do other people not like about that candidate ? What “trash” will be thrown by the RNC against the candidate ?



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