Sunday, November 8, 2009


Mark Dayton is the best candidate for Governor of Minnesota. He's got 34 years of pubic service experience. He previously ran three separate state agencies. He knows how Minnesota government is supposed to work. He has seen it work in the past. He knows how to make it work that way again. He knows how to fix Minnesota after the disaster that a Republican administration has made.

Mark Dayton will get Minnesota back on track. He'll make sure our public school system once again gets the funding they need to educate our children. He'll expand our mass transit system to meet our needs for now and for the future. He'll make sure our environment is as pollution free as possible.

Mark Dayton will create jobs. He knows how to do this, as he worked with former Governor Rudy Perpich and his mantra of "Jobs Jobs Jobs." Our unemployment rate will be virtually nonexistent.

Mark Dayton believes in quality health care for all Minnesotans. He's appalled that there are those who are denied insurance coverage because of preexisting conditions. He's outraged that people are forced into bankruptcy or death because they cannot get health insurance. Mark Dayton feels a deep concern and compassion for those who struggle just to make ends meet.

Mark Dayton is a wonderful friend to senior citizens. Remember how he organized bus rides to Canada so seniors could get prescription drugs far less expensively than here in America? As governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton will continue to work for issues that affect seniors.

Mark Dayton is for green energy. He knows how vital clean energy is. He knows it means a cleaner environment, healthier air and more jobs.

Green for energy and green for AFSCME. Mark Dayton is also the best choice for federal, state, county and municipal employees. He wants to work together to make a better Minnesota.

Mark Dayton is a friend to senior citizens, a friend to farmers, a friend to the poor and middle class, a friend to working Minnesotans, a friend to students and a friend to minorities.

Please join me in voting for Mark Dayton on election day 2010. Mark Dayton is the only viable choice for a Better Minnesota. Mark Dayton cares.

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